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(Diospyros geminata)

The Scaly Ebony is a native tree inhabiting dry coastal rainforests and scrubs along the coastal and near coastal areas of eastern Queensland.  It is a small tree growing to 5 metres with a dense but uneven crown.  Leaves are dull to glossy green and ovate to elliptic in shape.  The small round flowers are cream to green in colour and bloom from spring to summer.  Male flowers grow in clusters while the solitary female flower grows in the leaf axis.  Berries are yellow turning to orange-red when ripe from February to December.

Birds, such as fruit doves and pigeons are attracted to the fruit, and the tree is used as a host plant by the Cephenes Blue Butterfly and as a larval food plant for moths. The fully ripened fruit is sweet to eat.

This tree grows in an area of Bell Park which exhibits examples of remnant vegetation from the original dry coastal forest.

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Tree No 16 Scaly Ebony

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