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(Livistona decora)

Previously known as Livistona decipiens and named for Patrick Murray (1632 -1711), Baron of Livingston, and founder of the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens.

These trees typically occur in colonies along streams or near swamps in Queensland from about Townsville to Noosa. They grow to 25 metres, produce bright yellow flowers and fruit that is black when ripe. Fruit is eaten by fig birds, fruit doves, pigeons and scrub turkeys.  First Nation peoples used the leaves and fibrous leaf base for weaving. New shoots from the centre of the crown are edible, but removal can kill the palm. These trees are quite common in and around the Capricorn Coast and associated islands. There are typical stands of these palms along the Scenic Highway at Kinka Beach.

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Tree No 20 Weeping Cabbage Palm

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