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(Clerodendrum floribundum)

Lolly Bush is a small tree growing along river flats and also occurring in coastal areas as a sprawling shrub with vigorous root system, generally associated with edges of vine scrub (Semi-evergreen Vine Thicket) in coastal sand dunes.

The name Lolly Bush refers to fruit having a similar appearance to a lolly, but this is not regarded as edible to humans. However, the nectar and colourful hard seed is attractive to birds and a variety of hawk moths feed, while hovering, on the tubular white flowers. 

In dunes, Lolly Bush appears to spread mainly by root suckering, a characteristic which may make the plant difficult to maintain in a home garden.

Some First Nation people prepared medicinal applications from the leaves, wood and roots for a range of ailments including coughs, colds, stomach upsets and body pains.

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Tree No 24 Lolly Bush

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