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(Glochidion lobocarpum)

Glochidion species are a large genus of rainforest trees usually referred to as Cheese Trees because their small round fruit resembles a miniature Edam cheese. While Findlay’s Silky Oak is presumed to be an old timber cutter’s name, this species is also called Coastal Cheese Tree because of its occurrence in coastal dune forests.

Like many species in the Euphorbia family, this tree with fruit readily spread by birds, is one of the early regenerators of disturbed rainforest and dry vine scrubs of coastal Queensland.

It is a fast-growing bushy tree with a spreading crown of smooth shining leaves making it a suitable garden plant.  In the garden the leaves can often appear chewed before re-growing, but this damage often leads to a garden full of butterflies or, in north Queensland, the presence of the mighty Atlas Moth.

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Tree No 13 Findlay's Silky Oak

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