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(Cupaniopsis anacardioides)

Also known as the Beach Tamarind, the Tuckeroo inhabits coastal sand dunes, scrubs and open dry rainforest near the sea or estuaries in NSW, QLD, NT and WA. Within the plant community it tolerates exposed windswept conditions.

A hardy native small to medium tree, with a dense crown growing to a height of 12 metres. The leaves are dark glossy green on top and paler and duller on the underside, while the scented flowers are greenish white, growing in clusters from May to September.  The fruit is orange with black seeds and yellow edible flesh.

The ripe fruit was a source of food for First Nation peoples and a variety of birds and butterflies eat the fruit or nectar.  The tree also provides larval food for moths and butterflies.

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Tree No 27 Tuckeroo

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